Open For Good


To me, having an open mind means to be willing to see the positives in all things and taking all options into consideration, even though it may not be something we initially are interested in. Taking new ideas into consideration being unprejudiced in new situations we are exposed to.

open-minded-2Although we always want to be right, and/or we think we’re always right, I think the greater good is more important than being right. Sometimes always being right can make us in and over our heads and make us seem that we don’t understand where others are coming from. We need to see the greater good in all things and other perspectives than constantly thinking everything that we think is right – granted sometimes we may be right.

I don’t believe that there is one right answer only because everyone has their own way they view things and have an opinion on something and to them that is how they feel where someone may feel different. this leads us back to the greater good and being open minded, we need be open minded to everyones answers and see the good in what they get from something.



Learn To Love

When we think of health we always think of the basics; eating healthy food, exercising, drinking enough water, getting enough sleep, etc. But sometimes we tend to forget that there is so much more to being healthy. Having strong, healthy relationships, being happy, having a support system, feeling good about yourself – these all impact our health because if we didn’t have any of these we could suffer from depression or things that have a negative impact on our health.

This is one of my favorite pictures because it reminds me how great of a relationship I have with someone who can serve as all things positive in my life. I feel my best when I’m around the people I love and when I am living my life to the fullest with them. Being able to get all dressed up and do my makeup and hair makes me feel at my best. When I get the opportunity to try something new, go somewhere I’ve never gone, I feel my best because adventure is something I am always up for.

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Some ways I take care of my body to keep it healthy is cutting out negative people in my life and focusing on what and who is important and what motivates me to be a healthy, better version of myself. Granted, SOMETIMES, I can slip away from whats healthy for me such as not eating the best, going out more than I should, not exercising, and not getting enough sleep… but I’m sure this happens to everyone!

To me, self-love means to be happy with who you are as a person and to love yourself. You are in control of your life and can change the things that you aren’t satisfied with. Learning to love yourself may not always be easy and that’s normal. Self-love is good (healthy) for the soul.

be your own creator

I am the youngest of 3 kids (I promise this has a point), my brother has always been the one who has exceeded in the creativity department, while my sister, well – not so much. I have tried following in my brothers artistic footsteps  hoping one day I could be as good as he is, trying to “train” myself into becoming this wonderfully creative artist. Being the determined individual that I am, I got myself into taking art classes, photography classes, and ceramic classes in high school (all of which my brother did way better than me at) so being the younger “Wiedmaier” the teachers had high expectations of me which were shattered pretty quickly – LOL. I finally realized art wasn’t for me and it was a true passion and calling for my brother. But what I didn’t realize was that there was creativity outside of paintings, drawings, sketches, sculptures, and all things I considered art. I’m creative when it comes to decorating rooms, I am creative when it comes to Instagram captions (my most uplifting moments are creating a solid caption), I am creative when it comes to fashion and putting together a bomb outfit. Our brains are an amazing feature we have to the human body and with that being said “creativity cannot only be taught, but because our brain changes daily by how we use it, it can be trained.” Of course this doesn’t happen over night while enjoying a good nights rest, it requires effort and time.


Sometimes we fall out of interest in things we once were motivated by, and can’t seem to to get back in the groove and we might be asking ourselves as time goes on if our creativity can be lost. Well, unfortunately, it can. But don’t be a worry wort if you think this has happened to you. Your creativity can be brought back, but also to avoid a “creative burnout”, you can maintain your creativity.

This article below lets you know when you’re on a creative burnout, it has ways to avoid a creative burnout, surviving a burnout with survival tactics, and ways to begin again. Don’t be afraid to test you abilities and try new things, you never know what you might be good at.

How To Survive Creative Burnout

Whose Calvins?

“My Calvins” is something that has become overly popular in the last few years, maybe because Justin Bieber, Kendall Jenner, and Nick Jonas and every other person that wears them all look extremely good in them OR they might actually be comfortable and worthy of our money? I wouldn’t know because I’m not a My Calvin owner – yet…

This ad can be for males or females anywhere from ages 17-whenever you feel like your body isn’t My Calvin worthy.

In a perfect world, we would have the perfect body, our physical features would be flawless, we would have all of the money we could ever dream of, etc. But in a not so perfect world; the world we live in today, most of us dream of the perfect body while others are achieving it themselves or buying it, some will naturally have flawless features – some won’t, and there will be those who have more money than others being able to become that perfect person in their own perfect world. The purpose of this ad is to make us feel like we have that perfect body or have money that is comparable to those celeberties who are owners of “My Calvins”. They use fkkkit, flawless, sexy celebrities/models to make “My Calvins” seem like they can transform anyone after they put them on.These are also reasons why it’s easy to be drawn to these ads.


Someone else might react differently depending on how they feel about body image and perfecting the human body, which tends to be a huge topic of argumentation. They might react differently because they could care less what the fad is or what celebrities/models are trying to promote in hopes of emptying our pockets!