Whose Calvins?

“My Calvins” is something that has become overly popular in the last few years, maybe because Justin Bieber, Kendall Jenner, and Nick Jonas and every other person that wears them all look extremely good in them OR they might actually be comfortable and worthy of our money? I wouldn’t know because I’m not a My Calvin owner – yet…

This ad can be for males or females anywhere from ages 17-whenever you feel like your body isn’t My Calvin worthy.

In a perfect world, we would have the perfect body, our physical features would be flawless, we would have all of the money we could ever dream of, etc. But in a not so perfect world; the world we live in today, most of us dream of the perfect body while others are achieving it themselves or buying it, some will naturally have flawless features – some won’t, and there will be those who have more money than others being able to become that perfect person in their own perfect world. The purpose of this ad is to make us feel like we have that perfect body or have money that is comparable to those celeberties who are owners of “My Calvins”. They use fkkkit, flawless, sexy celebrities/models to make “My Calvins” seem like they can transform anyone after they put them on.These are also reasons why it’s easy to be drawn to these ads.


Someone else might react differently depending on how they feel about body image and perfecting the human body, which tends to be a huge topic of argumentation. They might react differently because they could care less what the fad is or what celebrities/models are trying to promote in hopes of emptying our pockets!


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