Open For Good


To me, having an open mind means to be willing to see the positives in all things and taking all options into consideration, even though it may not be something we initially are interested in. Taking new ideas into consideration being unprejudiced in new situations we are exposed to.

open-minded-2Although we always want to be right, and/or we think we’re always right, I think the greater good is more important than being right. Sometimes always being right can make us in and over our heads and make us seem that we don’t understand where others are coming from. We need to see the greater good in all things and other perspectives than constantly thinking everything that we think is right – granted sometimes we may be right.

I don’t believe that there is one right answer only because everyone has their own way they view things and have an opinion on something and to them that is how they feel where someone may feel different. this leads us back to the greater good and being open minded, we need be open minded to everyones answers and see the good in what they get from something.



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