Music – Medicine For The Soul

Any song by the Dixie Chicks is a perfect go to during a girls night or even being in the feels on a summer night cruise with the windows down. Goodbye Earl^ is def one of those songs me and my girls jam to every time we get together (if you don’t know who Mary Anne and Wanda are then we can’t be friends). The Dixie Chicks can instantly put you in trance making you feel like you’re under the spot light and just won vocalist of the century, even if your tone deaf like me and weren’t blessed with any singing ability. They make you feel like your problems aren’t that bad in life and make you feel like you are worth more than you know.

Martina is the girl to go to when you’re in your feels. All of her songs have such deep meaning and they are songs that you can just be in the moment with any of them. This is another artist that you can enjoy while having a girls night. I went to her concert over the summer at our county fair with my boyfriend and I could tell he was not thrilled to be there but he stuck it out for me and I love him for that! I feel that women are Martina’s main audience and that we connect with her music more than men do. Her music is mostly soft and gentle and make you feel like a ballarina twirling around on puffy clouds while in tears because of how beautiful and true her messages are in the songs.

The Chainsmokers are newer to the music scene and are a different style of music than the previous two that I listed. Any song they have are perfect for when you need to just let the music take over. If your one who pays attention to the background music they are what you need to listen to. They are perfect to take a drive to or even play at a party or in a bar. Their song “Closer” that was released this year was a MAJOR hit and to me it still is! The song I have listed is one they just came out with and it didn’t disappoint when I first heard it since “Closer” set up some competition for themselves. Their music just puts you in a mood to dance and sing along to the music at the top of your lungs.

This is one song I for sure have been listening to lately on repeat, I LOVE IT! It instantly makes me think of my boyfriend and how crazy I am about him. Since we have a long distant relationship it’s nice to come across songs that can instantly remind me of him. We have this thing where if a song reminds us of one another we share it with each other – which I’m sure we aren’t the only ones who do this! I love doing this because I can be anywhere at anytime, such as when I’m driving or in the grocery store and if I hear the song playing it gives me the biggest smile and makes me feel like he’s not that far from me. It’s relatable to that warm fuzzy feeling we all get embarrassed and red in the face talking about. Brett Young has a lot of cute songs that seem to be directed towards an in love couple.

Music can help improve ones mood immensely. Its medicine for the soul. It can be relaxing, relatable, uplifting, healing, etc. Music is so important whether we notice the importance it holds or not. Listening to music is definitely my escape in this world. It brings me to a place where I have zero problems and everything can be butterfly and rainbows. Whether you’re crying your eyes out to sad songs, blasting beats in your car singing at the top of your lungs with your best friend, or slow dancing to a love song with your significant other, music is something we all go to for healing, happiness, love, etc.


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