Sleep is very important to daily functions and overall wellness.

Why is sleep important to you?

Sleep is VERY important to me because it allows me to function, concentrate, and helps me get through the day with energy. If I don’t get enough sleep I am not a pleasant person and it either results into me missing school or taking a nap pushing off any school work. It’s important to get enough sleep because it helps you stay healthy. I like sleep because I get to cuddle  with my puppy and that’s probably the best part of my day!

Do you think that sleep should take priority over things such as work or school?

I don’t think sleep should take priority over work or school, vice versa. Balance is important and having a schedule is also important. If we over work our bodies it isn’t il_570xn-989484795_d58mhealthy. Without sleep we wouldn’t be able to give work and/or school our full potential.

Discuss some of the common barriers that people may have to getting enough sleep and how they can fix those problems.

Speaking on my behalf, I know my barriers include my cell phone which contains social media, where I go from twitter, to instagram, to Facebook, to snapchat, refresh them all and do it all over again. Also Netflix is also a huge barrier… currently I’m binge watching Grey’s Anatomy (yes, this is my first time watching it), and if I’m being honest, I have like 7 other series I’m watching – I know, I know….. If I don’t watch t.v. after a certain time and put my phone away this could help me go to bed at a decent hour.

Do you think naps are something that people should do on a daily basis or only certain days?

tumblr_static_tumblr_static__640I feel that if you get enough sleep at night then a nap really shouldn’t be necessary. But if you lacked sleep then I think a nap is a great way to boost energy – sometimes lol. Personally, I rarely get a good nights sleep so naps are common for me. I’ve had those naps where I wake up and I think its the next day, or even the next month because I napped so hard. Sometimes, I’ll wake up feeling 10x worse t
han I did before my nap. And sometimes I’ll try and take a power nap but it’ll turn into an hours nap.




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