Future Self


Hey Hot Momma (hopefully),

It’s been 5 years since this was written and you are now 27 going on 28 VERY shortly. I hope you are living life to the fullest and are pursuing your dreams with the one you loved while typing this (Tyler). I hope you are either in the process of building your dream home or are already living in it, happily married with 2-3 kids, one on the way (have to be a milf), Nellie being accompanied by puppy friends – a golden doodle and a lab because ty needs a hunting buddy when I don’t want to join him. I hope you guys have made compromises for each other and take into consideration that you both have goals and dreams for your careers. I hope you are somewhere that Ty can still do what he loves –  farming, and that you can also find a comfort of passion in a career in the same area. I hope that this area is also good for the kids when it comes to getting an education, developing friendships, and pursuing their love for sports (hopefully). I see this area being up near home, which you will be okay with! I hope one day you guys have your own lake house like your families do. I hope you have traveled and have seen more of the world together, seeing different cultures, not feeling like you’re stuck doing the same thing day after day and that you don’t limit yourselves to being wrapped up in this crazy thing called life. I hope you are finding happiness in all things thrown your way. I hope you and Tyler are living what you dreamt of everyday while being in a distant relationship for almost 5 years (this was the worst part about college). I hope you still see your best friends and they are happy, married with kids or not, wishing the best for them and being there for them, even if it means traveling to a different states to do so. Life is short and I hope these past 5 years have been nothing but greatness to you, tyler, your family, and friends.

Love Always,

Your Impatient, Ready To Graduate, and Start A New Chapter Self 🙂


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