Dear Future Employer,

How has your education prepared you for your career?

  • My education has prepared me for my career in many ways, and my education for my career is still expanding. I am more knowledgeable on the different areas of work I am able to pursue a career in. Learning specifically about what I want to do with my future makes it a lot easier to be passionate about learning.

– What is your greatest weakness?

  • My greatest weakness is I am always there for everyone around me. It sounds like it should be a good thing but because of this I tend to forget what is good for myself. I am always being there for others even if others aren’t there for me and I tend to get upset if this happens. Its hard for me to say no when people are in need of my help.

– What is your greatest strength?

  • My greatest strength is I’m determined and dedicated. I’m not the person who gives up easily on something and I am someone who needs to finish something when it’s started. I am always up to trying new things even if its known to be complicated.

– Why should I hire you for __________ job?

  • You should hire me because I will make a positive impact with my hard work, knowledge, skills, and personable attitude. I am reliable and flexible and can work well independently and with others. I am not afraid of a challange and will accept whatever comes my way. With the credentials I asses, I won’t be someone you would regret giving an opportunity to.

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